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Golden Eagles Class - Year 4, 5 and 6

Welcome to Key Stage 2

Respect, Believe, Succeed

Boddington develops happy, confident and well-rounded children, giving them the best possible start for life.

About our Golden Eagles Class

​Boddington is a place to discover, share and explore; a place to escape into adventures, a place for surprise and above all, a place where children love to learn.

Unique talents are nurtured through our varied and exciting curriculum, whilst our stimulating and inspiring teaching develops children’s passion and strengths. At Boddington, pupils’ imaginations are ignited from an early stage.

Reading For Pleasure

We encourage the children to develop a love for reading, though daily storytime, adult reading volunteers, appointed reading ambassadors, opportunities for children to 'recommend a read' to each other as well as staff sharing the latest books, which they are enjoying.

Look at these reading suggestions for each year group. Why not challenge yourself to see how many you can read this year?

If you feel like branching out, away from your favourite authors, have a look at these suggestions!

Current Learning and Topics

Boddington is very much a family school where we aim to cater for the needs of each child in a secure, stimulating environment.

The current topic in the Golden Eagle class is ' Frozen Lands'.  See our termly learning journey below for more details.

 In May, our Y6 children will sit their national Key Stage 2 Tests. Please download the information here which explains more about the tests.

Golden Eagles



As a school, we know the importance of learning resilience, confidence and independence. Therefore, in Golden Eagles, we give the children the opportunity to attend a Y4 and a Y6 residential with our federated partner, Culworth Primary Academy.

  • Our Y6 Residential
  • Our Y4 Residential

Sport is a key part of our Golden Eagles Experience, within and out of the school day. We visit our feeder secondary schoo, Chenderit on a regular basis to participate in sporting events.


As a school, we teach children about sustainability, the environment and their place within the wider world. We show care for our community, by litter picking in our local area as well as developing our school council to support pupils within the school to make decisions and plan projects for improvement.

Panama by Bella Davies

We love to celebrate achievement at home and at school. A extra big well done to Bella, who created her own PowerPoint about a recent trip to the Panama Rainforest. Bella shared her learning with the whole school in a recent Celebration Worship and encouraged others to ask questions about her experiences.

Our Team


Miss Kelly
I am from Belfast, Ireland. I attended the  University of Ulster, Jordanstown and graduated with honors in Language and Linguistics, then completed a PGCE with the University of Sunderland. For the past 10 years I have lived in the Middle East. I spent five years living in Doha, Qatar before moving to Dubai in the UAE. Whilst there I taught in multiple international schools and a range of nationalities. I enjoy teaching all subjects but have a special interest in STEM topics especially technology. I have focused on for the past year with my students to help them use technology to enhance their learning and to develop their skill sets. I am an avid Gaelic football player and played in both Qatar and the UAE. I was a member of the county board and helped run tournaments across the region as well as being the chairperson of my club Jumeirah Gaels in Dubai. 


Mrs Thom 
I have extensive experience teaching in a range of small rural schools and a larger town school, teaching children from Y1 through to Y6. During my career, I have also worked as a Learning Advisor for Languages, supporting the delivery of languages across schools in North Northamptonshire. I have also worked as PGCE University tutor and visiting lecturer. I teach Music and French to Golden Eagles.

Also working within our class is:

Mrs Hinks

Miss Wakeman

Ms Carvosso


Respect, Believe, Succeed

Our school vision shines through in all we do. We show respect towards each other in our school community and towards the wider world. We believe in ourselves and nurture our own self esteem and resilience. We enable ourselves and others to succeed through perseverance and collaboration.

Termly Learning Journey



we love our planet docx 1 .pdf


Current Homework, Spelling and Topic Information - 2023

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”— Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

At Boddington, we would like to encourage children to read as much as possible. It is our aim for children to develop a love for reading, where they will want to read for their own pleasure. Some children may need further encouragement to read and so we will also be awarding housepoints to encourage all readers. 

When you read with an adult, please ask them to sign to say they have listened to you. Four signatures each week will help you earn 2 house points. We are looking for eager readers for our Reading Ambassadors, so it could be you!

Reading and Spelling

As a school, we subscribe to a comprehensive spelling and reading programme called Dyslexia Gold. Although it was designed initially with dyslexic learners in mind, these learning strategies are beneficial for ALL learners. 

Within DyslexiaGold, there are separate activities including Spelling Tutor, Reading Unlocked and Fluency Builder.  The checklist at the front of your child’s homework book will indicate the homework they are expected to complete. 

Spelling Tutor covers spellings from Y1 up to Y6, including the spellings which Y6 children will be assessed on during the SATS. As part of their homework, Y3-Y6 should be accessing spelling tutor on a regular basis.  

You can access the programme  directly from  Spelling Tutor is a personalised spelling programme, which also improves punctuation and handwriting fluency. If it is played regularly, research shows that it can improve spelling age by up to 10.5 months in just 3 months. When you sign in and complete a session, please ask an adult to sign.  Four signatures each week will help you earn 2 housepoints.


Children also need to regularly practise their fluency in number and we subscribe to TimeTables Rockstars, Numbots and SplashLearn. When you sign in and complete a session, please ask an adult to sign.  Four signatures each week will help you earn 2 housepoints.

Children in Years 1 to 6 will also have a learnits sheet with specific number facts to learn. If they get their sheet correct in their progress check in school, they will receive one housepoint. 

Homework books will need to be handed into your child’s class teacher each Thursday and will be sent home on Fridays. A new sign in sheet will be stuck in the homework book for the following week.

If you have any issues with being able to access the homework activities, please do contact either Mrs P or your child’s class teacher and we will do our best to support you.


Stay Up To Date With Our Latest News

We are making you aware that we use social media as part of the school's public duty to evidence pupil's educational development and attainment. We also aim to provide aspects of the schools culture and values particularly for existing and prospective pupils and for the whole school community.

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Useful Links and Documents

​The Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) is a statutory key stage two assessment, which tests year 4 pupils' knowledge of the multiplication tables within 12 × 12.The MTC is in the format of an online test with 25 questions with children being given six seconds to answer each of the questions within the time limit.

Visit this website to try a simulation of the MTC

In order to support our Y4s to succeed with this assessment, here are some useful website links, to use to practise times tables.



Mental Maths Train :​

Small Schools with Big School Opportunities

Boddington Primary School is federated with Culworth Primary School. We work together to provide a better education for the children of our communities.  Together, we are also a part of the The Evolve Church Academy Trust, comprised of 4 primary schools located in the South Northamptonshire area. The schools are all geographically very close to each other in the villages of: Boddington, Chacombe, Culworth and Weedon Lois (St Loys) near to the town of Banbury.Multi Academy Trust and Local Collaborative Trust of the primary schools in the Chenderit Cluster, recently recognised by Companies House. ​