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Our latest Ofsted report

Boddington School was recently inspected by Ofsted on 22nd September 2021. The inspection was thorough and challenging with every aspect of the school’s day being observed. The inspectors were extremely constructive and it was good to get confirmation of our own self evaluation.

The school was graded as Good overall, a very pleasing result and inline with our previous Good report from 2016.

The inspectors commented on our family feel, how safe and happy our children are and our close knit staff who are excellent role models.

Fundamentally though, they saw that our school is ambitious for all pupils, not only to succeed academically, but also make a positive difference to the communities within which they live.

Here are are some of the comments made by the Ofsted Inspector in our 2021 report.

  • Everyone knows each other well in this small, friendly school.
  • Pupils are happy and safe. They learn and play well together. Bullying is exceptionally rare. Pupils cannot recall any incidents of bullying taking place. Nonetheless, when pupils have a problem, or are worried about something, they are confident that the adults in school will help them to sort it out.
  • Adults in this close-knit team are excellent role models for the pupils. Pupils learn to treat each other with respect. They value each other and treat everyone with kindness. Pupils, staff, parents and carers all say that the school is like a family.
    Leaders want the best for every child in the school. They are ambitious that every pupil will develop the characteristics they need to learn well and succeed. Leaders also want pupils to make a positive difference to the communities in which they live.
  • Leaders have clearly identified the values that are important in the school. Acts of service are at the heart of the school’s ethos. Every pupil is encouraged to take responsibility for an aspect of school life, for example helping at lunchtimes or welcoming everyone to collective worship. Pupils can stand to be elected as head boy or head girl, or to become a member of the school council. Pupils are proud of these roles and take their responsibilities seriously.
  • Leaders have designed a broad and challenging curriculum to engage pupils in their learning. They have thought carefully about how the curriculum can be delivered successfully in the school’s mixed-age classes. Curriculum plans outline the important knowledge that pupils need to know and remember. These plans are in place for all subjects and in all year groups.
  • Teachers use a well-structured early reading programme to deliver daily phonics lessons. Pupils quickly learn to recognise sounds and letters. Teachers make regular assessments to make sure that no one is falling behind. Where pupils find reading more difficult, teachers use a wealth of resources to make sure they get the help they need. Leaders promote a love of reading. Every adult in school makes a book recommendation and these are displayed around the school. Pupils are read to every day from a wide range of age-appropriate books. Pupils say that they look forward to story times. Texts are used systematically to improve pupils’ vocabulary.
  • Leaders have ensured that a range of activities are provided to support pupils’ wider development. Pupils learn how to be healthy and how to keep themselves safe. Trips and visitors to school enrich the curriculum. Leaders are taking steps to make sure that pupils develop an understanding of the diverse nature of modern-day Britain. For example, the school houses are named after inspirational people from a range of different cultures.
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.
  • Leaders have developed a culture in which staff are not complacent....They are alert to the potential risks to pupils. Staff understand the importance of passing on their concerns. Leaders with responsibility for safeguarding take every concern raised seriously. Leaders work closely with external agencies to make sure that pupils and families get the help or advice they need.
  • Governors understand their responsibilities with regard to safeguarding. There is an experienced and appropriately trained safeguarding governor.

Here are are some of the comments made by the Ofsted Inspector in our 2016 report

  • 'This is a good school which has consolidated the strengths evident in the previous inspection.'
  • 'Teachers engage pupils well in their learning using a range of strategies.'
  • 'Pupils are happy and their behaviour is good. They are obviously proud of their school and keen for it to be seen as a great school Pupils whom I met with described the school as 'awesome' and amazing'.'
  • 'The headteacher has formulated an accurate view of the school and identified appropriate priorities for improvement.'
  • 'Pupils develop strong moral and social awareness and an appreciation of the views and beliefs of others. These features help to create a cohesive school community and prepare pupils well for life in modern Britain.'

Please click on the link below to view the full report.

Boddington Primary Academy Ofsted Report 2021

Boddington CE Primary Academy Ofsted Report 2016

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