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“Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.”
Psalm 147:5

Here at Boddington C E Primary Academy, we believe that all children should progress through the school to become confident, articulate and inquisitive mathematicians, to the best of their ability.

Why we teach the Maths curriculum

By following a mastery-based curriculum, we aim for the children to develop positive attitudes to Mathematics as an interesting, enjoyable and challenging subject. we seek to enable children to develop knowledge of mathematical facts, acquire numeracy skills, conceptual structures and general strategies. Children will be taught to be mathematicians by using their knowledge and understanding to apply and solve problems. 

How Do We Teach the Maths Curriculum?

Having mixed-age classes, means our teaching must be flexible in its approach, depending on factors which include the cohort numbers, individual children’s needs and the area of maths that is being taught. Children are taught the knowledge and skills for their year group, as required by the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Mathematics. Whenever possible, children are taught in their year groups. Concepts are taught using real life situations to give context and meaning to the children’s learning. The use of manipulatives in lessons, irrespective of a children’s ability or age is fundamental to being confident moving from the concrete, to the pictorial then abstract. The use of stem sentences, general rules and answering problems in full sentences allow children to express their ideas with mathematical precision and clarity. These sentence structures often express key conceptual ideas or generalities and provide a framework to embed conceptual knowledge and build understanding. Discussion plays a key part within lessons as pupils are given time to put into words their thinking to develop their reasoning.


In  Reception, Y2, Y4 and Y6, we carry out government statutory tests.  

Reception Baseline

KS1 SATs at the end of year 2

Year4 Multiplication Tables Check

KS2 Sats at the end of year 6

Information for Y4 MTC.pdf


 What Does Maths Look Like at Boddington Primary Academy?

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Maths at Boddington